Woodbridge Stucco Removal

It’s time to get rid of your stucco ceilings and popcorn ceilings once and for all. We are the stucco removal experts in Woodbridge, and we’d love to help you increase the visual appeal and value of your home.
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    The Problems with Stucco Ceilings

    Stucco ceilings, also known as popcorn ceiling or bumpy ceiling are a drag. Homebuilders from generations past have left us with this outdated ceiling trend that has various ‘non-benefits’ that affect our Woodbridge area homes on a daily basis…

    Pitfalls of having a stucco ceiling in Woodbridge Ontario:

    • Decreased lighting quality
    • Potential home for bugs
    • Reduced air quality
    • Hard to paint/refresh
    • Unsightly and old fashioned

    Photos of Stucco Removal

    Stucco removal is messy work, but we’ve managed to capture a few pictures during the process to show you a before and after comparison. These might be your neighbour’s ceilings in Woodbridge!

    ceiling repair by champions
    Nice job in Mississauga drywall

    The Champion's Ceiling Repair Process

    Let’s break down how the Ceiling Champions arrive at your Woodbridge home ready to work in the quickest, cleanest fashion you’ve ever seen:

    1 Prep Work!

    We want to make sure we keep your house clean. First and foremost. By blocking off vents, doorways, and windows, we can be sure that dust from the popcorn ceiling removal process is contained in the work area.

    2 Get Busy!

    We begin by ‘wetting’ or ‘moistening’ the popcorn ceiling. This helps to soften up the stucco/plaster/stipple. As well, it also helps to reduce dust, further increasing our commitment to keeping your home clean! Once all the plaster/stucco material is removed, we can take a closer look at the ceiling structure to see if any patch work is needed.

    Also, this is the prime opportunity to install potlights if you’re interested. A little extra lighting goes a long way towards increasing your home’s value!

    3 – Plastering / Resurfacing

    After the stucco is gone, and potlights installed (maybe!), then we apply a generous layer of plaster or ‘mud’ to cover the ceiling, and stomp out any imperfections.

    It takes skill and experience to know how to apply the right amount of compound to the ceiling… If you use too much, it will add too much weight to the ceiling… Too little, and you may still see imperfections in the ceiling!

    4 – Sanding

    Using big sanders and high grit sandpaper, we can be sure to smoothen out all of the drywall compound and leave behind a nice smooth finish. Smooth Ceilings are an incredible delight!

    5 – Prime & Paint the Ceiling

    Once the ceiling is smooth, it is time to prime and paint. Primer acts as a layer to make sure the paint can bond to the ceiling surface. After the primer, we use high quality ceiling paints from our favourite suppliers, Benjamin Moore Paints.

    6 – Clean Up!

    We leave ZERO mess behind. When we’re done with your ceiling repair job, we want you to experience your new smooth ceilings as if we were never there. All garbage, debris, dust, everything – Is taken with us when we go.

    Not only will we remove the mess and debris, we’ll also vacuum and make sure all of the dust from the stucco removal process is gone as well!

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      Now that you know how we help with stucco removal and ceiling repairs in Woodbridge, Ontario, we’d like to offer out some helpful links. These useful resources will help you if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, or are just looking for some local news. Hope to talk to you soon! Thanks!