Who We Are

We are contractors that specialize in ceiling repair and refinishing. The most common occurrence of damage to a ceiling is when a water pipe bursts, or if there’s excessive rainfall and you have a leaky roof. If the water damage is bad enough, the integrity of the ceiling can be weakened, threatening parts of the ceiling to collapse and potentially hurt your family, coworkers, or property. If the damage is that bad it is important to repair that ceiling as quickly as possible.

Drywall is one of the most common materials used in ceilings, but compared to most other materials, it cannot take water on well and can be severely weakened. Even tougher materials like plaster or concrete are susceptible to water, as water can find cracks and fissures in it and erode at that. For those tougher materials, it’s important to insure that the sealing and caulking that’s done and it is up to date and isn’t falling apart in any way. Taking measures like proper sealing can prevent or help mitigate future problems with water damage and the like.

If the damage to the ceiling isn’t that major, the water can still leave markings behind that are unpleasant to look at. Your home or workplace should be a place that is safe and comfortable that allows you to sit and relax, do your job or chores, in an environment that isn’t distracting you with worries.

Outside of water damage, wear and tear and other miscellaneous damage can occur through accidents or other such problems. In plaster ceilings, cracks can occur after years of just standing there. At the very least the cracks are ugly to look at, and they could pose a danger if they’re too deep and ultimately fracture the plaster and chunks could fall out. No matter the kind of damage, we are able to handle it.

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