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Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Stucco Removal & Drywall Repairs

Ceiling Champions is here to help get your Oakville, Ontario home back in shape!
Smoother Ceilings can be yours as our ceiling repair services remove stucco, remove popcorn ceiling, and increase the overall value and appeal of your home.

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    A Brief History of Popcorn Ceilings in Oakville:

    There was a period of time in the 1970’s to 1980’s where contractors and home builders who constructed homes in Oakville made an intriguing choice…

    They chose to spray the ceilings of rooms with a stucco/stipple substance. By doing this, they were able to more efficiently finish their jobs, while adding something new. The ‘popcorn ceiling’ style took off as a trend because it was unique, and able to be textured into various designs.

    This stylistic and design improvement was adopted for much of the home construction that took place in Oakville during this period.

    People liked it because it was new, and home builders liked it because it sped up their construction process.

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    Why did we do this to ourselves?
    A history of popcorn ceiling

    We Think it's Time to Repair your Ceilings!

    If your home in Oakville still has stucco or popcorn ceilings, it may be time to start thinking about getting it removed. We are the Ceiling Champions and have over 20 years of experience repair ceilings, and returning value to your property.

    (Yes, stucco on your ceiling can reduce the value of your home!)

    Read below to find out how! Or Contact us Now:


      How Popcorn Ceilings can Affect a Home's Value in Oakville

      There’s more to be concerned about than just looks, when it comes to what’s on your ceilings. Did you know that stucco and popcorn ceiling actually reduce the lighting quality in your home? Studies have shown that the tiny peaks and valleys of the stucco trap light, and therefore darken a room.

      More to Learn

      If lighting troubles weren’t enough, it gets worse! Here’s a few more problems that are caused by having old fashioned and outdated popcorn ceilings in your house:

      • Added weight on ceiling joists can cause drooping
      • More homes for bugs, spiders, and insects
      • Sound reduction, similar to light issues
      • Difficult to paint / resurface on your own
      • Old fashioned and dated looking
      • Allergens and dust collection

      Looking for the DIY solution? Check Here

      Who Can Repair Your Ceilings?

      Ceiling Champions Can!

      If you’re still not convinced, no problem! Check out these awesome pictures of Ceiling Champions on the job, right here in Oakville! We’ve repaired ceilings for so many happy families, who are now living free of popcorn ceilings and all the troubles they bring!

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      Look at those floors
      Smooth ceiling finish Oakville

      With us, it’s Always Best

      Our ceiling work is second to none. We are the best choice for ceiling repair in Oakville, and you can always contact us to find out the cost of removing stucco or popcorn stipple. There are several factors that determine the price of our service:

      • Size of area to be repaired (square footage)?
      • Is the surface painted, if so, oil or latex?
      • Any other stucco, plaster, or drywall repairs required?