More About Stucco Repair

Repairing Stucco Ceilings

Repairing stucco is much easier than combining stucco finishes and colors. If you can follow the right ways and take important factors into account, then the stucco repair and removal can be correctly done.

First, you should check how the stucco is applied since the application of stucco is done according to locality. Then check the crack direction and the extent of the damage. You may also want other necessary repairs in the building or the house before repairing stucco.

These stucco repairs, among other things, are; repair of the roof and drainage to prevent excess water from getting to the stucco.

After assessing the damage, it is now possible to determine the type of stucco repair needed. If the crack filler is less than 1/8 of an inch wide, you can insert the patch with an acrylic caulk at two different times.



The Second Coat of Stucco

The second coating should be done few days after the first so as to make the first dry up. For larger cracks, apply the stucco mixture that you’ve done. If you are unsure about how to repair stucco, then hire a professional to do the job.

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Also, stucco repair should not be done on a sunny day because if the stucco dries quickly, it will not be as strong as one would like it to be.

Stucco removal and repair are simple, as long as you have enough knowledge of what to do, and the patient to wait for the second or final coating. Putting all the above tips into consideration, you will certainly repair the stucco right way.

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