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There’s nothing better than a smooth ceiling. Outdated popcorn ceilings are an eyesore that not only look bad, but have a negative effect on the lighting, health and value of your home. The Ceiling Champions are Milton’s best defenders against old fashioned stucco. We are ready to work for you to quickly, and mess-free.

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    Why Does My Home Have Popcorn Ceiling?

    It happens the same all over Milton. You move into a previously enjoyed house, and as soon as you get comfortable, you notice the popcorn ceilings… Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, home builders from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s made a habit out of popcorn ceiling as a finishing feature.

    It’s easy to look back at this period now and ask ‘what were you thinking?’, but to be fair, let’s enjoy a bit of history:

    1. Home builders were busy. VERY BUSY
    2. They needed to cut corners
    3. Ceilings were (and still are) tough work
    4. Blasting them with stucco was the golden ticket
    5. It hid imperfections
    6. It sped up home construction

    Fast forward to the modern day, and the quick-fixes of the past are now our curse. We can help, in fact, we’ve made a career out of it!

    popcorn in a bowl

    There’s only one place for popcorn ^

    Are you Ready to Remove Popcorn Ceilings?

    It’s definitely time to remove the stucco from your ceilings. There’s a number of known problems associated with popcorn ceiling. It’s time to learn again:

    Besides trapping and reducing the light levels in your Milton area home, popcorn ceiling (or stipple as some call it) creates the perfect environment for a number of potential threats. Allergens and dust come to mind, as they can gravitate towards the valleys in the textured surface. The air you breathe is losing quality and therefore can put you at risk.

    The other threat that emerges from the dreaded popcorn ceiling is insects and spiders. You may have noticed the spiders enjoy camping in the pits of the stucco, and may even spread their web across a wide area. The dim lighting, and secure location make for a perfect home and hunting spot for eight legged monsters.

    To summarize, the three main problems with popcorn ceiling are:

    1. Dim lighting
    2. Dust and allergens
    3. Insect and spider habitats

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      Concern About Our Ceiling Repair Services in Milton

      A lot of people come to us and though they want the popcorn ceiling removed, they are also concerned about mess, and the time it takes to do the job right. We take extra measures to assure you have nothing to worry about:

      The Ceiling Champ’s Process

      We know how messy a job like yours can get. We’ve been there before. That’s why we’ve developed our process and perfected over the course of hundreds – if not thousands – of ceiling repair projects:

      • Evaluate your room(s)
      • Completely seal off area
      • Use plastic/ploy and tape
      • Cover all ducts and vents
      • Scrape/Sand remove popcorn
      • Completely clean area
      • Assure no cross contamination

      For Ceiling Repairs, There's Only One Choice:

      The Ceiling Champions!

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      How Much Does it Cost?

      There are several factors that determine the price of our ceiling repair and popcorn removal service:

      • Size of area to be repaired (square footage)?
      • Is the surface painted, if so, oil or latex?
      • Any other stucco, plaster, or drywall repairs required?

      The best way to learn about costs is to get in touch with us so we can learn more about you and the rooms in question. Let us know in detail any information that might help us in advance. We thank you, and hope you’ll join the Ceiling Champions family!