Popcorn ceilings aren’t just an eyesore. This type of ceiling has negative effects on both the value of your home, and your health. We’re here to help make it right. Ceiling Champions is a family business, and will help your family make the ceilings in your Burlington home brighter, smoother, and healthier.


    We Make Popcorn Ceiling Go Away

    We turn the rough and unsightly old fashioned textured ceiling into smooth and modern ceilings that look magnificent. Our quick and tidy process is sure to please your spouse and yourself. We’re proud to offer our ceiling repair and popcorn ceiling removal service in Burlington, On, and all of the Halton Region.

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    Life in Burlington After Popcorn Ceiling is Removed

    It’s amazing how removing the stucco ceiling can improve the look of a room. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of transforming the ceilings of many Burlington homeowner’s living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and hallways.


    With the stucco ceiling gone, natural light is able to brighten the room, and open it right up. Combine this with added pot lights for an intriguing night time vibe. This is what happens when the Ceiling Champions come to town!

    • Smooth, clean ceilings
    • Brighter, lighter rooms
    • Mess free process
    • Quick job for the professionals
    • Multi-room discounts available
    Burlington popcorn ceiling removal

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